Did we mention we have direct access to the world’s best films? We can supply a variety of film types and advise on the best one for use in packaging your product:

  • BOPP, CPP, PET, metallised and white alternatives, nylon, LDPE and cellophane, including a truly compostable version
  • Barrier coated films of various types
  • Laminates of various film for different barrier and strength properties
  • Lidding film with various barrier options.

Our machines can slit and rewind to produce almost any widths of film to meet your needs.

Let’s make it happen

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products.

  • We have direct access to the world’s best films
  • Our proven technology delivers exceptional results

You can ensure your delicious products have the best chance of reaching your customers in outstanding condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.