In this highly competitive market, standing out from the crowd is the key to success. The design and print must grab consumers’ attention while the inside of the wrapper must maintain product integrity despite high salt and oil content. This generally requires a greaseproof and lightproof barrier, usually a metalized polymer film.

Key Issues

  • Oxygen, moisture and light. Snack foods are typically fat dense, crisp foods. Protecting the product from oxygen stops the fats from going rancid, keeping the moisture out will keep the product crisp and fresh and keeping the light out prevents oxidation initiating.
  • Printing. Consumers are visual creatures and respond to well branded product. Having spent money on brand and image development, you cannot afford to be let down by your printer.


Our Solutions

  • Salty snacks are frequently high in fat content and require a specific approach. Where necessary, we use films containing foil, a metalized polymer film or barrier polymer such as EVOH or PVDC to reduce the deterioration that light can cause.

  • Seal strength - customers want to get into that product! That means a balance between a strong seal to maintain product integrity and accessibility for the consumer.

Let’s make it happen

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