Our 6 colour press produces reams of promotional banners using LDPE films. The same process is also perfect for use as pallet wrap, which can be produced to your size specifications and design.

We also hold stock of various warning tapes - ‘Do not cross’, ‘Danger’ and can custom make these to order with a fast-turnaround.

Key Issues

  • Vibrant colours. You want your marketing communications to stand out and demand attention. This requires not only a good design but colours that appear to almost leap off the film.
  • Timing. We understand that each job is just one element of your marketing campaign. You might be dependent on multiple suppliers to pull it all together and can’t afford to miss a deadline.
  • Multiple delivery destinations. You want the economies of scale of a larger print run, without compromising on flexibility for distribution.


Our Solutions

  • High quality flexo process printing.

  • We can provide rolls of film to your required length and ready to send out to a multitude of store destinations.

  • Our team prides itself on time sensitive delivery, with quick turnaround from design to print. We have a near perfect success rate meeting client deadlines.

Let’s make it happen

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products.

  • We have direct access to the world’s best films

  • Our proven technology delivers exceptional results

You can ensure your delicious products have the best chance of reaching your customers in outstanding condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.