Frozen product is not the simplest thing to package but our expertise has been developed over many years. We supply a thoroughly tried and tested offering to clients in this industry sector.

Flexible packaging is particularly good for frozen fruits, vegetables, French fries, individually quick frozen chicken breasts and fishing bait. LLDPE, ULDPE, PET and OPP resins are the materials of choice for frozen food packaging. Where stand-up pouches are required, we can use laminations for visual effect and strength.

Key Issues

  • Leakproof and freezerproof. Freezer bags need to be able to withstand very cold temperatures for long periods of time, whilst maintaining integrity.
  • Toughness. Bait bags are perhaps one of the biggest challenges as fish products are spiky and can easily tear or puncture the packaging from the inside.
  • Stiffness. Speed packaging requires a certain level of rigidity and films must be able to withstand transportation and storage.
  • Transparent and printable. Clear packaging must maintain decent clarity and pigmented packaging requires a gloss finish. We use surface printed PE films for branding.

Our Solutions

  • Tough LDPE (low-density polyethylene) bags that maintain transparency and provide good printable exterior surfaces.

  • PET/PE laminations for strength, flexibility and visual effect.




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