Ensuring the contents of your courier bag are secure is of the utmost importance. You can't afford for anything to happen to your package whilst en route. The container needs to be tough enough to be handled multiple times during transit, as well as whilst being routed at depots.

Key Issues

  • Security. Bags must be tamper-proof, trackable and secure. Keeping the contents intact and unseen.
  • Durability. These bags receive a hiding before they reach their destination. They must withstand multiple handling both human and automated.






Our Solutions

  • We use LDPE (co-extruded plastic film) to provide strength and added security. LDPE delivers excellent see-through and printable properties providing a perfect surface to display your corporate brand or print a specific message.

  • Our courier bags are white on the outside to best feature your brand or messaging, and black on the inside to ensure they are dark and secure. Bags can be custom made for specific purpose with further security elements.

  • Permanently sealing tape ensures the bags cannot be opened and re-sealed.


Let’s make it happen

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products.

  • We have direct access to the world’s best films

  • Our proven technology delivers exceptional results

You can ensure your delicious products have the best chance of reaching your customers in outstanding condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.