The thought of Bakery goods is a treat for all the senses. It can transport you to a world of amazing aromas, fresh hot pastries and bread that melts in your mouth. The taste of fresh donuts and pies that warm your hands oozing delicious fillings. The crunch of the crust, the ‘eat me now’ visual call of iced delicacies… For consumers of bakery goods, it’s all about the experience.

With many bakery goods made offsite and shipped to retail outlets, it is imperative to choose the right packaging. Your product must meet its consumer in perfect condition to ensure consumption is a delight for all the senses and exceeds expectations.

Take advantage of our specialist knowledge when it comes to packaging. Maintaining freshness and prolonging shelf life is what we do.

Key Issues

  • Moisture protection. Moisture barrier is normally the number one priority in bakery packaging. Water vapour can change the physical appearance or make some products go soggy. 
  • Gas permeation protection. Oxygen affects freshness and can cause some products to become rancid.
  • Visibility. You need see-through packaging to show off the baked goods and a good print surface. It can be a challenge to maintain both quality optics and freshness.
  • Ventilation. Warmer drawer pies need to be kept hot but the steam and moisture need a way to escape, to prevent sogginess.

Our Solutions

  • Polymers required to provide effective moisture barriers in packaging for bakery goods include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE or PP, each with their own advantages. We are happy to discuss these with clients. 

  • Barrier materials used in coatings or multilayer combinations of plastics are designed to reduce water and gas diffusion into or out of rigid or flexible packaging.

  • Nonpolar molecular structures like polyolefins have fairly low water permeability but are readily permeable to gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.

  • LDPE delivers excellent see-through and printability, perfect for bread bags.

  • Hot pies require perforated printed film, normally 20µ PET. This must be perforated with the right size and number of holes to allow the right amount of air and moisture to escape.

Let’s make it happen

At every level of our business our highly trained, experienced staff can work with you to discover the best packaging solutions for your products.

  • We have direct access to the world’s best films

  • Our proven technology delivers exceptional results

You can ensure your delicious products have the best chance of reaching your customers in outstanding condition. Talk to our customer service team to find out more.